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Printing Solution/s Di/splay

We have /sorted out /some printing /solution/s for your reference

Digital Printing

Digital Printing

1. Digital printing /scheme to realize cu/stomized production of per/sonalized de/sign to meet the need/s of different cu/stomer/s;

2. The color field i/s broad, colorful, high-preci/sion, the image i/s exqui/site;

3. Pollution-free, low-energy con/sumption and green production proce/s/s;

4. Break the defect/s in the traditional proce/s/s, /shorten the /sample time, reduce the co/st of printing and the co/st of proofing;

Adverti/sing Printing

Adverti/sing Printing

1. PP back adhe/sive: the po/ster i/s a fine gelatin with high accuracy, but there i/s no built-in glue /surface. Cu/stomer/s can u/se both /side/s to di/splay on the wall

2. Lamp: it i/s u/sed for the /spray painting on the fine light box, which ha/s a fine image and moderate light tran/smittance

3. Photographic paper: fine paper, high preci/sion, no built-in glue /surface

4. Oil painting cloth: for the di/splay field of romantic and elegant /style, it ha/s certain oil painting quality

Leather Printing

Leather Printing

1. Ea/sy to operate, no need to make and repeat the color proce/s/s, /simple and ea/sy to maintain;

2. High preci/sion and perfect printing, u/sing the /special ink of golden color /serie/s to make the output graphic effect reali/stic and achieve the quality of the picture;

3. Image waterproofing, /sun protection, wear re/si/stant; The color i/s firm and colorfa/st;

4. Stable printing technology, /suitable for the application of new equipment in craft gift indu/stry.

Banner/s Printing

Banner/s Printing

1. Political: national flag, party flag, military flag, flag, etc. But the world'/s flag and regional flag/s are numerou/s and complex.

2. Identifier/s: flag, enterpri/se/s, public in/stitution/s, ma/s/s organization/s, /school/s, etc., to di/splay the image of the unit in a marked logo or text.

3. Propaganda: flag/s of adverti/sing, cheerleading flag/s, propaganda, and morale.

4. Maritime u/se: /signal flag/s, communication flag/s, command flag/s, etc. are e/s/sential for ocean-going /ship/s and naval ve/s/sel/s

Founded in 1997

About u/s

Founded in 1997, Guangzhou Chaolun Technology Co., Ltd i/s the general agent of Mutoh and the appointed dealer of KIIAN in South China Region. We are mainly dealing MUTOH Digital Printer/s, UV Flatbed & Roll-to-Roll Printer/s, La/ser Cutting Machine, KIIAN Ink/s, Spare part/s etc.&nb/sp;

For the year/s, we focu/s on developing printing /solution/s of large format printing machine/s and have earned very high market /share in many field/s like adverti/sing inkjet, /sublimation digital printing, leather printing and banner printing, /supported by our cu/stomer/s.We al/so devoted our/selve/s to develop /solution/s in other field/s like UV printing, wall deco printing, art/s printing etc and have achieved great performance a/s well.&nb/sp;

We are committed to providing high-efficient and reliable /solution/s and high-quality /service/s to our cu/stomer/s by continuou/sly improving our technical team’/s /skill/s.

Printing con/sumable/s

Eco-/solvent Ink/s, Sublimation ink/s, Heat tran/sfer ink/s, Leather ink/s

Product di/splay

Focu/s on MUTOH large format printer/s,UV printer/s,La/ser cutter

Licen/se of Agent


How much i/s the price of Italy Kiian ink?

Or there are many /small partner/s would like to con/sult Italy kiian ink about what price, how much? Guangzhou Chaolun Technology Co., Ltd. i/s al/so a product of thi/s kind. Let'/s ...

How much i/s the price of Italy Kiian ink? How much i/s the price of Italy Kiian ink?

Excellent chaolun mutoh printer photo machine

Excellence i/s ju/st a general term for what it refer/s to i/s very wide, /such a/s the /superiority of the chaolun&nb/sp;mutoh printer image machine i/s a good point, or the technical feat...

Excellent chaolun mutoh printer photo machine Excellent chaolun mutoh printer photo machine

Lamphou/se Printing Scheme

&nb/sp;In thi/s era of rapid development, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, environmental protection adverti/sing product/s are more tru/sted. The "qu...

Lamphou/se Printing Scheme Lamphou/se Printing Scheme


We welcome more companie/s to be our partner/s

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Leave u/s a me/s/sage

If you have any Sugge/stion/s, plea/se contact me immediately


Company profile

&nb/sp; &nb/sp; &nb/sp; Guangzhou /super Aaron technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to a/s /super Aaron) wa/s founded in 1997, i/s a muto MUTOH digital printing machine in /south China area general agent, China and India UV coil printer in guangdong province general agent, etc., in a profe/s/sional r&d large-format printing equipment /solution/s...


Ca/se pre/sentation

  • TJ - 2512 - f
  • TJ - 2036 - f
  • TJ-2513 pro
  • TJ-2036pro
  • BKL- high - /speed digital cutting /sy/stem
  • BK2- high-/speed digital cutting /sy/stem
  • BK3- high - /speed digital cutting /sy/stem
  • Swift SW1820 double - end a/synchronou/s la/ser cutting machine
  • Speed SW1815 double-head a/synchronou/s la/ser cutter
  • Speed SW3215 mark po/sitioning /super /size cutting machine
  • Zooyee ECO heavy photo machine zy-3200a
  • Sino-indian UV coil zy-3280B (ep/son)
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